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Research Projects

Proposed Projects

A Study of PCR based detection of common polymorphism in Thalassemia in our population. Dr. Ashish Jawarkar
Dr. Bhumika Gharia
Pathology PROPOSED
A Study of alkaline gel electrophoresis based detection of types of haemoglobins in sickle cell anemia patients. Dr. Ashish Jawarkar Pathology PROPOSED
Incidence of metabolic syndrome in labourers in Waghodia. Dr. Ivvala Anand Shaker, Ebbie Thomas Biochemistry, PSM PROPOSED
Serum lipoprotein levels in newly diagnosed cases of primary hypertension in labourers in Waghodia.  Dr. Nadeem Shaikh, Dr. Vadana,  Dr.I.Anand Shaker, Neha sheth , Dr. Mehul Marwadi Medicine, Biochemistry PROPOSED
Antioxidant status in I.H.D Dr.Chavda, Dr.I.Anand Shaker, Dr Prerna Bansal, Dr. Nadeem Shaikh, Medicine Biochemistry PROPOSED
Serum iron, copper, zinc levels in alcoholic cirrhosis of liver Dr.I.Anand Shaker, Dr. Ketan Mangukiya, Dr. Rajesh Roy Biochemistry Medicine PROPOSED
Study of thyroid profile and oxidative stress in osteoporosis Dr.I.Anand Shaker, Neha sheth Biochemistry PROPOSED
Study of the thyroid function in diabetic patients in PIMSR hospital Dr.I.Anand Shaker, Dr Prerna Bansal Biochemistry PROPOSED
A biochemical study for hypoglycemic effects of ethanolic extracts of bark of cassia fistula Linn in alloxan induced diabetic mice Dr.Ivvala Anand Shaker, Neha Seth, SnehalAnthulikar


Study of Adiponectin Leptin in association with Albuminuria in Pregnancy induced Hypertension Dr. I. Anand Shaker, Neha Sheth, Dr. Neha Nimbark Biochemistry Gynecology PROPOSED
Evaluation of Biochemical Parameters in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) Dr. I. Anand Shaker, Neha Sheth, Dr. Nupur Biochemistry Gynecology PROPOSED
A retrospective study of Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C virus serological markers among patients on haemodialysis at tertiary health care center, parul sevashram hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat Dr. Twinkle Dhamecha
Bhavita V. Prajapati
Dr. Anant Marathe
Microbiology PROPOSED
A qualitative study on psycho-social experiences of parents of pediatrics TB patients in Rural Vadodara. Dr. Uma S Nayak, KandarpTalati,  Tejas Pandya, Dr. Ankita Badhiye Pediatrics PROPOSED
Understanding healthcare seeking practices, management, outcome and quality-of-life for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients Dr. ShashwatNagar,KandarpTalati, Dr. GeetikaMadanPatel,Dr. Uma S Nayak PSM Pediatrics PROPOSED
Longitudinal epidemiological study to explore trends and correlates of BMI, WHR, and Anemia among Parul University students Dr. Geetika Madan Patel, KandarpTalati, Dr. Ankita Parmar, Dr.Dhara Zalavadiya PSM PROPOSED
Audit of available IEC resources for their appropriateness to TB-related services and knowledge gap in local community surrounding a teaching hospital in rural Gujarat Dr. Dhara Zalavadiya, KandarpTalati, Iranna Kajagar PSM PROPOSED
Exploring counseling practices, acceptability and job satisfaction among DOTS providers and support from institutional/civic society engagement in rural Western Gujarat Dr. Ankita Parmar, KandarpTalati, Bhavna Patel PSM PROPOSED
Study of Incidence of Group B Streptococci (GBS) in Antenatal group for the prevention of potential risk of neonatal sepsis. Dr. Anant Marathe
Dr. Twinkle Dhamecha
Bhavita V. Prajapati
Microbiology PROPOSED
Comparative study of PFT in AC  and Non AC users Dr.ER Oommen
Dr Hardik Mistry
Dr Piyush Patel
Physiology PROPOSED
A study of adverse drug reactions among pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis patients treated under RNTCP (DOTSH,R,Z,E,S) in a tertiary care hospital and nearby DOTS centers in Rural Gujarat Dr. Yatin Joshi, Dr. Nikhilkumar J. Patel   PROPOSED