Educational Visits

The student activities planned via various educational field trips, various days and festival celebration has long been a major part of the education programming for both youth and adults. Student activities can be an integral part of the instructional program. Well planned student activities play a vital role in enriching the learning experience of students. Numerous research studies in science education have documented significant increase in participant’s factual knowledge and conceptual understanding after participation in well-planned student activities. Students learn essential life skills like team work, planning and implementing various student activities. The classroom environment does not promote sufficient engagement with the content, there is a need to look outside the classroom for other resources that can enhance curriculum effectiveness.

Visit to Kanoriya De addiction Centre, Gandhinagar

B.Sc Nursing 3rd year and M.Sc Nursing Students visited Kanoriya De addiction Centre, Gandhinagar and B M Institute of Mental Health, Ahmedabad for fulfillment of clinical objectives and gained in depth knowledge of different levels of Mental health services available in institute for patients. Sessions were also conducted by psychologist Mr.Tripathi regarding substance abuse and it’s types. Students did psychiatric assessment on patients in de addiction centre.

Visit to Railway Hospital Pratpnagar

As the part of curriculum 1st year M.Sc nursing 2nd year B.Sc nursing students of Parul Institute of Nursing, ParulUniverstiy were visited to the Railway Hospital Pratpnagar. The Railway Hospital Located in area of Pratapnagar, Vadodara, Gujarat. Hospital is run by central Government. The hospital has all the outdoor patient and indoor patient facilities are available even also matron of the hospital explained about the different services of hospital.

Visit to De Addiction Centre

Parul Institute of Nursing planned educational visit for 3rd year B.Sc. nursing students at De addiction centre, Kanoria, Gandhinagar for the fulfillment of practical requirements as per the curriculum. The visit was conducted on 17th February 2018 under the guidance of Mrs. Janki B. Patel, HOD of Dept. of Mental Health Nursing. The 3rd year B.Sc. nursing students had a great learning experience in the field. Mr. Tiwari oriented students with the infrastructure, administration and staffing pattern of their institute. They witnessed the patients with different substance abuse and even multiple substance abuse. They learned the routine procedures and protocols of de addiction centre. They acquired understanding of various therapies used in case of substance abuse. The importance of counseling was well identified by them after attending session by renowned psychologist over there. At the end, students took pledge to refrain their selves from any kind of substance in life. The visit fulfilled all prescribed objectives and proved fruitfull.

Visit to Water Purification Plant

As a part of curriculum, B.Sc Nursing, GNM and ANM students of Parul Institute of Nursing, Parul University, have visited Nimeta water treatment plant Vadodara, Gujarat on 19/03/2018. During the visit students got acquainted with various aspects like steps of water purification.

Visit to Kashiba children Hospital, Vadodara

Department of the Child health Nursing Parul institute of Nursing, Limda,Vadodara, As per their curriculum 2 nd year diploma nursing students visited to Child Mental Health Centre at Kashiba children Hospital, Karelibag, Vadodara on 7th June 2017. There are total six child psychiatric specialty center. 1)Physiotherapy, 2)Audio visual Room, 3)gross motor and fine motor Impairment center 4)speech therapy and hearing therapy 5)Denver developmental screening test 5)concealing center.

Visit to Chanchalben Mafatlal College of Nursing

As a part of curriculum, B.Sc Nursing , GNM and ANM students of Parul Institute of Nursing, Parul University, have visited Chanchalben Mafatlal Patel College of Nursing, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 13/03/2017. During the visit
students got acquainted with various aspects like mission ,vision, staffing pattern and student appraisal programme of the institution.

Visit to Hospice Care Centre

Students of Parul Institute of Nursing visited Hospice Care centre located at Vasna, Ahmedabad. Here patients suffering from Terminal Cancer are given Palliative Care. Along with the various treatments given, this centre has information museum section wherein the various forms of Cancer are explained and various treatment modalities of Cancer are explained and displayed. The facility provides Hospice care, wherein the terminally ill Cancer patients, wherein palliative care is provided to them to ensure a comfortable and peaceful death.