Faculty Development Programs

Faculty development has its goal and continued renewal and growth of the faculty in all facets of their professional lives.
Faculties fulfill a variety of roles, as teachers whose commitment is to provide their students with expert instruction and guidance; as participants in the collegial community of Parul Institute of Nursing; and as members of the community of scholars within their disciplines. It is the purpose of the Faculty Development Program to provide resources which will help faculty to develop as scholars to publish, to share insights both within the community and at professional conferences, and to improve their work in the classroom.

FDP on Quality Assurance at Parul Institute of Nursing

Parul Institute of Nursing Organized a one Day Faculty Development program on the topic of Quality Assurance. The topic of Quality Assurance was presented by Mr. Tejas Pandya. Participants were the Faculties of Parul Institute of Nursing, total 16 Faculty members participated in the In-service Education Program. The main topics of the program were on the internal quality assessment with a view to improve academic teaching and implementation of quality measures to improve Clinical Supervision of students in the Clinical Area.