Industrial Visits

The students are regularly sent to various hospitals and institutes for awareness of spread of infectious diseases, occupational hazards, oncology, toxicology, preparation of homoeopathic medicines and sanitation. Students serve the society by spreading awareness regarding health, dental care, importance of sanitation. Students also visit various institute of health of national importance.

National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad

Students of 4th BHMS visited National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) under the Community Medicine department to learn about various occupational health hazards. NIOH is a premier institute located in the Civil Hospital Campus at Ahmedabad. Here lectures were conducted for the students explaining with power point presentations the day to day occupational hazards faced by the people. As well as they were explained about the remedial measures and precautions one can take for the hazards. A guided tour of the entire institute was conducted.

Forensic science Laboratory, Ahmedabad

The 2nd BHMS students visits the Forensic science Laboratory, Ahmedabad to learn about various forensic investigations of unnatural deaths and crimes by the Department of FMT. The students were given information of various poisons and the antidotes to be used. Students were taught how to diagnose the toxin ingested and immedia1te remedial actions to be taken. They visited and were given lectures in the following departments: Biology: The medico legal aspect of serum, different stains, and body excreta. Physics: Information regarding the physical evidence collected from the scene of crime.Ballistic: The demonstrate different parts of the fire arms. Fingerprints: Explain types, methods of collection and medico legal importance. Chemistry (Toxicology): Preservation of viscera in cases of poisons.


Autopsy Visit, NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology department arrange a visit for 2nd BHMS students to post mortem department for 4 days. The students witnessed post mortem of victims of poison, accidents, homicide etc. Special lectures were taken by Dr. Pratik Patel, HOD, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology department of NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad.