Workshop helps students to get first hand practical knowledge of the subjects which are theoretically studied in the classrooms.

Workshops are organized for brain storming & innovative ideas and research projects. It gives ideas which if implemented can lead to up gradation of the college and knowledge of the participants.

Workshop (CME) on Organon of Medicine

Dr. A.D.Mahajan was invited from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. Where he is Head of the Department of Organon of Medicine and conducts an O.P.D of more than 70-80 patients every Sunday.
He conducted a workshop on how to judge the susceptibility of a patient and decide the posology accordingly. The workshop was attended by the P.G students and faculties.

Workshop on Importance of History taking in chronic cases and its peculiarities

Dr. Soumendu Adhikary is a renowned Homoeopath from Kolkatta. He conducted a workshop where he demonstrated the skills of Case perceiving especially in Chronic diseases. He discussed at length the difficulties faced in Pediatric Case Taking where there is paucity of symptoms. Dr. Adhikary explained with examples and videos the art of probing case taking in Pediatric patients.

Workshop by Dr Rajat Chattopadhyay from Kolkata on BEDSIDE PRESCRIPTION

Dr. Rajat Chattopadhyay was invited from Kolkata. He is the Principal and Hospital Superintendent of Government Kolkata Homoeopathic Medical College. He spoke about Clinical Bed-side prescriptions which become very important while treating acute cases. He has a vast clinical knowledge about treating various acute cases by specific and clinical prescriptions. His workshop helped the P.G as well as U.G students in enhancing their knowledge on bedside prescription.

Modern research methodology in homoeopathy and community health

Two days workshop was held where the P.G. Students and internees were given various case studies, taught data collection and preparation of research paper for publication. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Mehta, HOD of Community Medicine department of GMERS, Valsad and founder of People health & development trust.

Bio statistics methodology and Research methdodology

Workshop conducted for P.G. Students and faculties by Dr. Hemant Tiwari, HOD of Community Medicine department of NHL, Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad. This workshop was under faculties development program with credit hours: 8 Hours. Faculties were guided for dissertation writing.