Field Visits

About 50 field visits are organized by Parul Institute of Ayurveda every year for the development of students related to courses of prescribed syllabus. These tours include Primary Health Centre visit, Leprosy Hospital visit, Dairy visit, Pharmacy visit, Dravyagun vigyan visits for herb identification, Court visit for studing expert witness in medicolegal cases, SSG Hospital visit for studying of post mortem examination. These visits are very crucial for the students for deep learning and practical exposure for the specific course. Students are guided by concerned course teacher for learning process during these visits. Visits are essential for developing the vision of students that how each working units are functioning. So that in future if they are working part of any type of these units they can utilize their knowledge accordingly.


Visit to Water Purification Plant

The students of third year accompanied by two staffs visited the water purification plant on 2nd April,2018. The staffs of the plant explained all the procedures and techniques adopted in the plant. They have seen the flocculation chamber, mixing chamber, sedimentation tanks, Chlorination and both type of filters (slow sand and rapid sand). The staff showed the backwashing procedure also for the students. Overall, it was a very informative and interesting visit and it will sure enhance their academic knowledge.

Visit to Sewage Plant

The students of third year accompanied by two staffs visited the sewage treatment plant on 4th April, 2014. The staffs of the plant explained the procedures and techniques in detail to the students. They showed us the sedimentation tanks, sludge digestors, aeration tanks, secondary sedimentation tanks, sludge drying beds and river outfall. Overall, it was a very informative and interesting visit and it will sure enhance their academic knowledge.

Visit to Shram Mandir Trust, Leprosy Hospital, Sindhrot

World Leprosy day was celebrated on the last Sunday of January month every year. We visited to Shram Mandir Trust, Leprosy Hospital, Sindhrot on 01/02/2018. The consultant Doctor of the centre explained about leprosy, signs and symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation programme etc to our students. Students visited to various dept. like OPD, IPD, disabled patients, Wards, Physiotherapy deptartment, Laboratory, Pharmacy & the Rehabilitative activities like cottage industry, handicraft, Gaushala etc. It was a good memorable and knowledge delivering tour for all of
us. The hospital staff showed all the wards and manufacturing units with due details. This will definitely be helpful in improving the academic knowledge of the students.

PHC visit to Waghodia

As per the part of CCIM curriculum, Dept of Swasthavritta organized the PHC visit to Waghodia PHC, for 3rd yr 2nd terms students. We were a group of 17 students with one faculty from Department. The visit was organized on 5th September 2017 and we reached the PHC at 10’0 clock.
The visit was informative and students got a chance to see all the dept. like OPD, IPD laboratory, Pharmacy, labour room, sterilization room, vaccination room & cold chain etc. Health administrator Mr.Vasava gave detailed information regarding various activities & National programmes carried out at PHC such as RNTCP & DOTS, NLEP, MCH, ASHA, MHW, FHW etc. we have interactive session with ASHA worker.

Dairy Visit

The students of third year visited the Baroda diary located at Makarapura, Vadodara on 21/07/2017 morning. The group included 29 students and one faculty from Swasthavritta Department also joined them during the visit. Mr. Dave helped throughout and gave us all the information regarding the various processes done in the diary mainly Pasteurization. It was really a nice experience to see all the processes of dairy products, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of the products. Mr. Dave also explained about the different types of storage methods, temperature maintenance of milk and also milk products such as ice creams, shrikhand etc. The preparation of curd, butter milk, butter etc and their packaging were also detailed. The students got a chance to visit QA-QC department and they learned about the various instruments & milk test like turbidity tests, coliform test and also the tests for adulteration too.

Nisargopachar Visit

On 11/04/2017, Department of Swasthavritta ,Parul Institute Of Ayurveda had organised a visit to Vinoba Ashram,Nisargopachar center ,at Gotri. 3rd year 1st term 30 students & one staff visited the center. During visit Dr. Bharat Shah from Nisargopachar center gave a lecture on applied aspect of Naturopathy. Mr. Viral Desai explained the Naturopathic therapies such as Mud Therapy , Hydrotherapy, Various Lapet etc.they had practical demonatrstions of each therapies like spinal bath, foot bath, whirl pool bath, mud packs & bath etc.Dietary recommendation for various diseases were also dealt in the session.we were fortunate to have visit to organic farm was very knowledge giving experience for the students which is useful in their clinical practice.

Post mortem visit, Court Visit & Forensic science Laboratory Visit

Department of Agadatantra &Vyavahar Ayurveda organizes Academic visit to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology(FMT) department of SSG Hospital Vadodara, District Court Vadodara, Forensic science Laboratory(FSL) Ahmadabad and various Snake parks every year. In FMT visit second year BAMS students observe various cases of Medico-Legal
autopsies. This visit is beneficial for students for better understanding of the subject & practical approaches like the procedure of post mortem examination, Preservation of viscera.In Court visit- observation of routine sessions and criminal procedures, Police inquest,Magistrate’s inquest, Medical evidence, Summons and all. In FSL visit students are gain the knowledge of various departments of criminology and their functions under the state
Government. In Snake Park visit students observed the morphological character of Venomous and non venomous snakes.

Visit to Vinoba Ashram ,Nisargopachar Kendra,Gotri,Vadodara

3rd year 1st term students of Parul Institute of Ayurved, have visited Vinoba Ashram ,Nisargopachar Kendra,Gotri,Vadodara on 11/04/2017. Tour is organized by Swasthavritta Department of Parul Institute of Ayurved as a part of syllabus. Total 30 students and 1 staff member visited the plant.
In this visit Dr. Bharat shah delivered a lecture regarding practical approach of nisargopachar therapy. Also they done the practical demonstration of various nisargopachar therapies like Mud therapy,Spinal bath,Hand & Foot bath, Various types of Lapet & also the information about nisargopachar diet.

Industrial Visits-2018-19